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Edge of Two Worlds: Ocean & Humanity - Cristina Mittermeier
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Edge of Two Worlds: Ocean & Humanity

Sun May 19, 2024
@ 3:00 pm
Cristina “Mitty” Mittermeier has dedicated her life to safeguarding the world’s ocean and inspiring millions to do the same.
Christina Mittermeier Outdoor Portrait Credit Mercedes Kanada
Cristina Mittermeier – Photographer
Killer Whales Credit Cristina Mittermeier

About the Event

With passion, conviction, and a zest for life, Cristina “Mitty” Mittermeier has dedicated her life’s work to safeguarding the ocean and inspiring millions to do the same. She offers insights she’s gleaned from documenting the far reaches of our planet aboard SeaLegacy 1, her home for six months each year. And, in light of the growing challenges facing our ocean—and world—she invites us to ask ourselves, “What is Enough?” Join Mitty as she shares how she has come to understand how “Enoughness” can be cultivated by finding fulfillment in what we have and in recognizing our connectedness to all things.

About the Speaker

Hailed as one of the most influential conservation photographers of our time, Cristina “Mitty” Mittermeier has dedicated her life to protecting the ocean—inspiring millions of people to do the same. In 2005, Mitty founded the International League of Conservation Photographers to provide a platform for photographers working on environmental issues. In 2014, with her partner, photographer Paul Nicklen, she co-founded SeaLegacy, a nonprofit working to protect and rewild the ocean. A Sony Artisan of Imagery, and a collaborator in Rolex’s Perpetual Planet initiative, Mitty has been honored with many notable awards, including the Smithsonian Conservation Photographer of the Year Award. Her work has been published in hundreds of prominent magazines and media outlets. She is a sought-after speaker, and has been named by Real Leaders as one of the world’s best keynote speakers.

Venue and Location


Dayton Live


Dayton Live
138 North Main Street
Dayton, OH

The Victoria Theatre is a historic 1,154-seat performing arts venue located in downtown Dayton, Ohio. The Victoria hosts a variety of events including theatre, music, dance, film, and comedy.

Sun May 19, 2024
3:00 pm

Edge of Two Worlds: Ocean & Humanity


Perspectives Speaker Series

Dayton Live

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