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Documenting the Red Zone - with Michael Davie
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Documenting the Red Zone

Tue February 20, 2024
@ 7:30 pm
Witness the power of the human spirit in the most surprising places with documentarian Michael Davie.
Michael Davie Studio Headshot
Michael Davie -Journalist/Filmmaker
A wildlife ranger stands guard, protecting mountain gorillas.

About the Event

Join award-winning documentary filmmaker Michael Davie as he takes you on a journey through stories of faith, resilience, and courage. With nearly 30 years of experience working in war zones, refugee camps, and hostile territories, Michael has learned to let go of fear and embrace uncertainty to capture memorable moments. His fascinating stories blend his filmmaker’s eye for detail and laugh-out-loud humor and invite you to experience the power of the human spirit in the most surprising places—from deep inside a South African prison to a mountainside in Rwanda, where brave park rangers risk everything to guard threatened mountain gorillas.

About the Speaker

Unfolding on the world stage—from the glaciers of Denali to the frontlines of the Balkans. Michael has spent decades shooting, directing, and reporting news, current affairs, and documentary films for National Geographic Television and the Discovery Channel, among many other outlets. He also co-created Oprah Winfrey’s landmark Belief series. While at National Geographic Television, his series World Diaries took viewers into some of the planet’s most dangerous places, like the bushfires in Australia. Michael’s feature documentary, The Choir, about music in a South African prison, won the AFI Best Director Award. His films War Child and Gorilla Murders received Emmy Awards and for the film Liberia: American Dream?, Michael and his team received Edward R. Murrow and duPont-Columbia Awards.

Venue and Location



Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts
1601 Broadway Blvd
Kansas City, MO
Tue February 20, 2024
7:30 pm

Documenting the Red Zone


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Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts
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