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4 Decades: Through the Lens - with Jodi Cobb
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4 Decades: Through the Lens

Fri March 8, 2024
@ 8:00 pm
Shatter the glass lens with National Geographic’s first and only female staff photographer, Jodi Cobb.
Jodi Cobb
Jodi Cobb – Photographer

About the Event

Go on an awe-inspiring visual journey through the lens with one of the most groundbreaking photographers of our time. Jodi Cobb shattered the glass ceiling as the first—and, for a time, only—female staff photographer at National Geographic, blazing a trail for future generations of female photojournalists. Her powerful imagery gave the world unprecedented access to hidden societies, from the elusive Geisha community in Japan to the veiled worlds of Arab women. Jodi has documented power, culture, geopolitics, and oppression. Travel with Jodi through four decades of her career photographing our shared history through gripping—and always poignant—stories.

About the Speaker

Whether examining Japanese geishas’ ancient traditions for her book Geisha: The Life, the Voices, the Art; exposing the tragedy of human trafficking for her 2003 National Geographic article “21st Century Slaves”; or exploring the hidden world of the women of Saudi Arabia, photographer Jodi Cobb has searched for humanity in some of the world’s most complex, impenetrable environments. As a photographer with National Geographic for more than three decades, she shot over 30 stories for the magazine. Today, she works on a variety of freelance advertising and editorial assignments, and teaches and lectures worldwide. She has received the prestigious Missouri Honor Medal for Distinguished Service in Journalism and was the first woman named White House Photographer of the Year, among many other honors. One of her photographs is on the Voyager spacecraft, out in the universe forever.

Venue and Location


Lone Tree Arts Center


Lone Tree Arts Center
10075 Commons Street
Lone Tree, CO
Fri March 8, 2024
8:00 pm

4 Decades: Through the Lens


Changemaker Speaker Series

Lone Tree Arts Center
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