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Steve Winter -Photographer - Changemaker Speaker Series
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Steve Winter -Photographer

Steve Winter Outdoor Portrait

A wildlife photojournalist and explorer for National Geographic for over two decades, Steve Winter has produced stories on some of the world’s most elusive and iconic animals—specializing in big cats. His documentary films on jaguars, leopards, tigers, and tree-climbing lions have aired on Nat Geo WILD and Disney+. His work has been recognized with numerous international awards, including BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and BBC Wildlife Photojournalist of the Year. To get his stories about these elusive big cats, Steve spends months working in steamy jungles and grasslands—or camping at extreme altitude in the winter, in the Himalayas.  Why?  Because, he needs to document unique behaviors and give us a glimpse into the unique realms of these iconic predators. To better understand his subjects, Steve works closely with the scientists who study them and the conservationists who are working to save them. Together with three other partners, Steve founded the nonprofit organization Big Cat Voices.  Its mission is to turn issues into stories, and stories into change, by creating world-class media that gives cats a voice and highlights the most pressing threats they face.

Featured Presentation

Leopard with City Lights in Background Credit Steve Winter

The Race to Save Big Cats

Of the 40 wild cat species that still prowl the planet, roughly 80% of their populations are now shrinking with 16 species now considered vulnerable, threatened, or endangered.  Journey with award-winning photographer and filmmaker Steve Winter, as he takes you deep into their realms—from the Himalayan dreamscape of the snow leopard, through the picturesque African savannah on the trail of lions, deep into the South American rainforest to track jaguars, into the improbable Hollywood Hills lair of mountain lions, and through Asia’s dense jungles to study the most elusive of cats, the highly endangered tiger.  This adrenaline-filled journey outlines the key threats facing big cats, the places where we are learning to coexist, and the heroic conservation efforts that are making a difference.