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Pete McBride - Photographer - Changemaker Speaker Series
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Pete McBride – Photographer

Pete McBride Outside Portrait Credit Pete McBride

A photographer, filmmaker, writer, conservationist, and narrator, Pete McBride has traveled on assignment to over 75 countries for National Geographic, Smithsonian, The Nature Conservancy, and others. A Sony Artisan of Imagery and a National Geographic “Adventurer of the Year,” he has also spoken on some of the world’s most prestigious stages, including the World Economic Forum. His years of documenting remote expeditions from Everest to Antarctica to the Colorado River have resulted in acclaimed books, documentaries, and TV programs, and raised conservation awareness. Following his expedition through the Grand Canyon, Pete released Grand Canyon: Between River and Rim, which won a National Outdoor Book Award. He accompanied the book with a feature-length documentary, Into the Canyon, for the National Geographic Channel, which won Best Feature at the Banff Mountain Film Festival, among others.

Featured Presentation

Pete McBride on Assignment Grand Canyon

Seeing Silence

In a world ever more congested and polluted with toxins and noise, award-winning photographer Pete McBride guides the audience on a pole-to-pole quest for peace and quiet. Drawing from his many adventures and expeditions through the Grand Canyon, to the flanks of Mount Everest, to the African Savannah, and the Antarctic Peninsula. Pete takes stock of wild and rarely touched places on Earth and offers insights from vantages where few (if any) photographers have ever stood, showing how everything is connected and making a compelling argument for the value of protecting our lands and waters for future generations.