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Kevin Fedarko - Adventure Writer - Changemaker Speaker Series
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Kevin Fedarko – Adventure Writer

Kevin Fedarko in Glen Canyon, Colorado River

Kevin Fedarko has spent 20 years writing about adventure, conservation, exploration, and the Grand Canyon. His writing has appeared in National Geographic, the New York Times, and Esquire, among other publications, and a trio of his stories from the Himalayas, the Horn of Africa, and the Colorado River are anthologized in The Best American Travel Writing. Kevin is the author of The Emerald Mile: The Epic Story of the Fastest Ride in History through the Heart of the Grand Canyon, which won the National Outdoor Book Award and the Reading the West Award, was a finalist for a PEN/ESPN Literary Sports Writing Award and the Banff Mountain Book Award, and became a New York Times bestseller. Kevin’s forthcoming book is about his 14-month death-defying odyssey through the Grand Canyon with National Geographic photographer Pete McBride.

Featured Presentation

Grand Canyon Rim Credit Pete McBride

Into the Canyon: Between River and Rim

Join adventure writer Kevin Fedarko on an epic quest, on foot, through the entire length of the Grand Canyon—not “rim to rim” as has been tackled by many—but 750 miles “end to end.” More people have walked on the surface of the moon than have completed this treacherous journey! Hiking over 100 days, Kevin and photographer/filmmaker Pete McBride traversed mostly along the goat trail, through slot canyons, blinding sun, and snow. Part sufferfest, part glorious trek, their expedition sheds light on the health and future of this national treasure and invites us to contemplate the value of wild spaces.