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Coco Peri - Stop-Motion Artist and Creative Entrepreneur - Changemaker Speaker Series
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Coco Peri – Stop-Motion Artist and Creative Entrepreneur

Coco Peri Studio Headshot Credit Colette

Coco Peri is a California-based artist creating stop-motion videos for the world’s leading brands and teaching other creatives how to infuse magic and strategy into their businesses. Her clients include Sony, Califia Farms, Starbucks, 3M, Doritos & more. She is also one of Sony’s Alpha Females— working to empower women in film + photography. Her secret mission is to empower people and companies to unlock their creativity, awaken their imagination, and take risks in pursuing what they love—and she did just that!  Coco left her corporate marketing job because it was draining her energy and she found she spent her spare time dreaming of a better way to make brands come to life.  One day, she pulled the plug and just started to perfect her art and create stop-motion videos for brands she admired.  Those brands caught wind and the rest is history.

Featured Presentation

Coco in studio

Infusing Every Day with Magic

Sony Photographer Coco Peri wanted to be a magician when she grew up.  So, what did she do? She created a job that didn’t exist and began “working” for her dream clients until they noticed— and actually hired—her!  Today she’s the top creator of stop-motion videos for the world’s leading brands, infusing magic into the storytelling into their campaigns. She’s also decided to share her unique process with others through workshops that are as fun as they are instructional. In this engaging stage show she shows how color, light and movement come together to create something that resembles reality, but takes us into the unknown.