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TRACKS: Alone Across the Outback with Rick Smolan
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TRACKS: Alone Across the Outback

Fri October 25, 2024
@ 7:00 pm
Rick’s National Geographic assignment to document a mysterious 26-year-old woman’s 1700-mile camel trek across the Australian Outback changed him, and her, and captured the imagination of the world.
Rick Smolan Achromatic Portriat Credit Rick Smolan
Rick Smolan – Photojournalist
Camel by Ocean Credit Rick Smolan

About the Event

When a 26-year-old woman named Robyn Davidson wrote to National Geographic seeking funding for a 1700-mile walk across the treacherous Australian outback with only her dog and four camels as her companions they agreed. But Robyn was determined to do the trip alone so she initially objected when the magazine suggested that photojournalist Rick Smolan document her journey by joining her five times during her 9 month trek. Despite her initial reluctance Smolan persisted and eventually earned her trust which led to an unforgettable National Geographic cover story and subject of the award-winning feature film TRACKS.

About the Speaker

A TIME, Life, and National Geographic photographer, Rick Smolan is also a New York Times bestselling author with over five million books in print. He created the “Day in the Life” book series, which featured the world’s leading photographers and combined storytelling with state-of-the-art technology. His National Geographic cover story about Robyn Davidson’s 1700-mile camel trek across the Australian outback became the movie TRACKS starring Adam Driver. Natasha’s Story, his TED talk about an 11-year-old child left to him in a dying Korean woman’s will, has been watched by over 1.4 million people. Oprah Winfrey featured Rick’s AMERICA 24/7 book on her “Favorite Things” program and Fortune describes Smolan’s Against All Odds Productions as “One of the 25 Coolest Companies in America.” In 2023, Rick was awarded the “Ellis Island Medal of Honor” presented to individuals who “embody the spirit of American patriotism, tolerance, brotherhood and diversity.”

Venue and Location


Washington Center for the Performing Arts logo


Washington Center for the Performing Arts
512 Washington Street SE
Kalispell, MT
Fri October 25, 2024
7:00 pm

TRACKS: Alone Across the Outback


Adventure Series

Washington Center for the Performing Arts

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