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Two Worlds: Above and Below the Sea - with Jennifer Hayes and David Doubilet
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Two Worlds: Above and Below the Sea

Tue April 9, 2024
@ 7:30 pm
Combining a scientist’s mind and an artistic vision, David and Jennifer reveal the underwater realm and its inhabitants as you’ve never seen it before.
David Doubilet and Jen Hayes Studio Portrait Credit David Doubilet
David Doubilet – Underwater Photographer

Jennifer Hayes – Aquatic Biologist

Stingrays Grand Cayman Credit David Doubilet

About the Event

Immerse yourself in unseen worlds with scientist and photographer Jennifer Hayes and underwater photographer David Doubilet. These globetrotting partners in work and life have produced stories together about every topic under the sea, from endangered coral reefs to what lies below polar ice. Known as the “Audubon of the Sea,” David’s photography brilliantly captures life above and below the water’s surface. Onstage, these two master storytellers combine decades of knowledge, passion, and experience into a remarkable visual odyssey that tells the unique story of our ocean like never before.

About the Speaker

Aquatic biologist and photojournalist Jennifer Hayes is a contributing photographer for National Geographic. She specializes in natural history, conservation, and the documentation of freshwater and marine environments. With graduate degrees in marine ecology and zoology, Jennifer focuses her research on shark finning as well as the population dynamics and movements of sturgeon. She also works with scientists around the globe to share their stories. She is a trustee of the Shark Research Institute, Explorer Club fellow, editorial board advisor for the Ocean Geographic Society, and recipient of the SUNY-ESF President’s Medal for her contributions to the natural world.

Photographer David Doubilet has spent five decades exploring and documenting the far corners of the world from the Okavango Delta to the Coral Triangle of Raja Ampat, to polar ice. Through his work he aims to connect us to the incredible beauty and silent devastation happening in our Ocean. David is a contributing editor for several publications and an author of 12 titles including the award winning Water Light Time. His photographic awards include Picture of the Year, BBC Wildlife, Communication Arts and World Press. David is a member of the Academy of Achievement, Royal Photographic Society, International League of Conservation Photographers and International Diving Hall of Fame. A Rolex Testimonee since 1994, David is also a National Geographic Contributing Photographer-in-Residence, the recipient of the Explorers Club’s highest honor, the Lowell Thomas Award and the Lennart Nilsson Award for Scientific Photography.

Venue and Location




Wachholz College Center
795 Grandview Drive
Kalispell, MT
Tue April 9, 2024
7:30 pm

Two Worlds: Above and Below the Sea


Changemaker Speaker Series

Wachholz College Center
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