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Making an Impact - with Ami Vitale
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Making an Impact

Wed April 24, 2024
@ 7:00 pm
After decades covering wars and conflict, photographer Ami Vitale had an epiphany: We can’t solve our problems without taking nature into account.
Ami Vitale Studio Portrait
Ami Vitale – Photographer

About the Event

Join National Geographic photographer, filmmaker and writer Ami Vitale as she takes us on a journey, sharing powerful stories that drive change and inspire us all to push boundaries and have impact in our daily lives. From the front lines of war, climate change, and extinction, Ami unveils stories of resilience and human impact, inviting us to take action. Experience her uplifting narratives, as Ami shares stories of coexistence and learning from wildlife. Let her stories inspire a deeper connection to the natural world and the solutions it holds for our collective challenges.

About the Speaker

A Nikon Ambassador and National Geographic photographer, writer, speaker, and documentary filmmaker, Ami Vitale has traveled to over 100 countries for her work. She is also the founder and executive director of nonprofit Vital Impacts, which supports organizations that are protecting people, wildlife, and habitats. Ami will be featured on the National Geographic Channel Explorer TV series in 2023. She was named one of 50 Badass Women by InStyle magazine and Magazine Photographer of the Year in the International Photographer of the Year prize. Ami has also received the Daniel Pearl Award for Outstanding Reporting and is a six-time recipient of World Press Photo Awards. Her best-selling book, Panda Love, is about the secret lives of pandas.

Venue and Location




Mayo Performing Arts Center
100 South Street
Morristown, NJ
Wed April 24, 2024
7:00 pm

Making an Impact


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Mayo Performing Arts Center
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