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Inside Secrets of the Whales - with Brian Skerry
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Inside Secrets of the Whales

Tue April 23, 2024
@ 7:30 pm
Whales have singing competitions, have regional cuisines, live together in language-based clans and even take vacations at their favorite beaches in the summer. They are an alien intelligence living on Earth that are more like us than we ever imagined.
Brian Skerry Outdoor Portrait Credit Steve de Neef
Brian Skerry – Photographer
Whales 4 Credit Brian Skerry

About the Event

Dive into the epicenter of whale culture with visual storyteller Brian Skerry to experience the extraordinary lives of whales. This visual odyssey shows us how whales are far more complex—and more like us—than we ever imagined. Cutting-edge research reveals that whales celebrate identity, joy, community and mourn the loss of those they love. Through generational learning, whale parents and grandparents teach their offspring not only the skills they need to survive, but also ancient, valued, family traditions. Blending intimate photography, motion picture and extraordinary, personal experiences, Brian helps us see the planet through a new lens.

About the Speaker

Brian Skerry is a master visual storyteller specializing in marine wildlife and underwater environments. National Geographic has named him a Rolex National Geographic Explorer of the Year, storytelling fellow, and photography fellow and Brian has been a contributing photographer to the magazine since 1998, producing more than 30 feature stories. A founding member of the International League of
Conservation Photographers, his work is proof that powerful, visual stories can make a difference. Brian’s iconic images have been published widely, from Sports Illustrated to the New York Times. He has published 13 books and has presented at venues worldwide from the United Nations General Assembly to the Sydney Opera House. In 2021, Brian received a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary Series as the producer of the Secrets of the Whales, which he created as a multi-platform project that included a cover story in National Geographic magazine and a coffee table book.

Venue and Location


Overture Center


Overture Center for the Arts
201 State Street
Madison, WI
Tue April 23, 2024
7:30 pm

Inside Secrets of the Whales


Changemaker Speaker Series

Overture Center for the Arts
Past Event

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